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Commenced in 2005, PRIDEA is the sole institution of its kind in Pakistan, where resilience building training programs are offered in an integrated manner, throughout the year. Keeping in view nation’s certain deficiencies, lacking appropriate responsiveness and chaotic situations during emergencies; we founded this academy to fill a huge gap. The faculty/trainers have been educated at high ranking; German, British, Canadian and American institutions thus best practices and international standards are always endeavored to be kept in sight.
These professional have operational experience in Bam, Iran, Sri Lanka and Indonesia after Earthquake and Tsunami as well. Our programs are tailored in accordance with the regional needs and challenges whilst having an in-depth awareness of the local culture, traditions and customs. These programs equip students with the required knowledge, skills and competencies to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from local, national or international disasters and emergencies, efficiently and effectively.

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Anum Saba

Anum Saba

Vice President

''We can transform a country's human resources into human capital through effective inputs of education and training''.

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A Generation of Life Savers

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid

Categories: Basic

First Aid has been proved to be a difference between life and death in any emergency across the world. Its...

Radio Communication (ARES)

Radio Communication (ARES)

Categories: Basic

The Radio Communication is like a backbone of any relief operation in complex emergencies. We have witnessed its importance during...

Health & Food Hygiene

Health & Food Hygiene

Categories: Basic

Hygiene can be twice the problem that bad water is, but the problem is easier to solve. Without hygiene instruction, clean...

(Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

“Each one of you is a shepherd and each one of you shall be asked for his sheep.”

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‘’Humanitarian assistance has a significant role in human development and its analysis is not based on a single theory. It underpins a set of coherent ideas centering on the

contention that the public safety and emergency preparedness required for development arise through domestic awareness and wide-ranging capacity building processes. In other

words, it is a process of continued efforts both by the state and civil society actors, and two, the interaction of formal and informal educational institutions”.

Mujtaba Haider Imran