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Disaster Management

Islamabad PRIDEA, Islamabad

Disasters – whether caused by climate change, sudden natural events, terrorism or war– often leave the impression that they are unmanageable. This perception, no matter how compelling, is untrue. Risks can be reduced, consequences of disaster can be managed effectively, and recovery can be carried out in a sustainable way. What needed is knowledge on...


Safety for Media & Crew

Islamabad PRIDEA, Islamabad

1)  Media and Resource Mobilization Training for NGOs Contents of the course: Introduction to mass communication Significance of media coverage of any catastrophe Setting up/improving the media section in the organization Characteristics of the media men Focusing the needs of the organization Knowing the target land, people and local traditions Interacting with the beneficiaries Dealing...



Islamabad PRIDEA, Islamabad

Handling the logistics always remains a major issue during relief operations. There are two training programs available such as: Warehouse Management & Stock Pilling Drivers Training 1)   Warehouse Management & Stock Pilling Course Contents: Planning Security Management Management of the warehouse Observing the commodities/ goods Safety procedures Expiration / Shelf-Life grading Accessibility Fumigation Record Keeping...