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Brief History

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Established in 2003, Pakistan Relief is a voluntary, non-profit, humanitarian organistaion. After responding to various devastating disasters and keeping in view the immense need and existing gaps in the country, Pakistan Relief had taken the initiative of building the resilience of communities to disasters through small scale training workshops. In 2005, after the most tragic earthquake in country’s history, our academy PRIDEA commenced an integrated series of capacity building programs, for the first time in Pakistan. In 2006, Pakistan Relief‘s delegat was invited at Die Johanniter Akademie Munster, Germany for sharing views and brainstorming over Emergency & Disaster Preparedness in Pakistan. In July 2007, a team of 8 members from Pakistan Relief attended an exclusive Training of Master Trainers in Germany. So far, alone at First Aid, we have trained over 48,000 individuals, according to German standards, across Pakistan and AJK. We have taught DRR courses at Nepal too.
Having exposure of the fatal impacts of natural calamities during our response to Bam Iran earthquake and Tsunami in Sri Lanka, we realized our responsibility to become the first drop of rain in Pakistan to pay a serious attention to an unavoidable need of the day, called “Emergency and Disaster Preparedness”. We envisage that in future, PRIDEA as a resource center may not only cater such needs in Pakistan but the trained individuals especially the ERT- Emergency Response Teams may gain sufficient knowledge, experience and expertise at PRIDEA to come forth and respond to any disaster in the neighboring countries, as well. We are always open to positive ideas, innovative strategies and constructive research for evolution and to meet challenges of the days to come. In this regard, we have closely observed the great success of EFAT Program during past 17 years.