May 4, 2020

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid

First Aid has been proved to be a difference between life and death in any emergency across the world. Its an essential skill to be gained to save precious lives. Besides, this Basic First Aid Training will enable you to take further steps gaining knowledge as well as experience at broader level in other relevant fields. Actually it is the key to the door of Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Response as well.

Objectives of the courses:

The course offers professional training for management and staff of organizations, companies and businesses, educational institutions as well as individuals, on the vital aspects of First Aid, to ensure safety at the work place, in the home or on the road. In this regard two courses are being offered.

The course is taught in accordance with the recommendations of Die Johanniter Akademie Germany, European Resuscitation Council and American Heart Association, and included comprehensive lectures, group exercises and private study on the following topics:

  • Brief History, Significance and Ethics of First Aid
  • Emergency Response Mechanism in Germany
  • Personal Safety Measures and Risk Reduction
  • Assessment and Entering the Emergency Situation
  • Dissemination of Information and CASEVAC
  • Identification and Treatment of the Most Vulnerable
  • Introduction to First Aid Kit
  • Treatment of Unconscious and Traumatized Patients
  • Recovery Positions and Heimlich maneuver
  • Treatment of Minor Wounds, Burns and Fractures
  • Resuscitation- CPR and MMR
  • Dealing with Snake-bite, Fever, Dehydration, Seizure etc.
  • Evaluation