Seminar on Disaster Preparedness at FUU

A seminar on “Disaster Management and its Significance” was conducted at federal Urdu University, Islamabad. More than a hundred students and faculty members attended the program. Some faculty members and students had invited Pakistan Relief to conduct a seminar on such an important issue.

Mr. Mujtaba Haider Imran, President of Pakistan Relief along with other senior members of the organization- Mr. Asim Farooq, Mr. Irtaza Haider, Mr. Ikram Ul Haq Sulehri and Wajahat Haleem attended the event.

Dr. Nadeem appreciated the students who made all the arrangements for a successful program. He especially admired  Fawad, Zubair, Omer and Aamir etc. for their devotion and tireless efforts for a cause.

The president of Pakistan Relief said that” Students are the most energetic and enthusiastic clusters of our nation both in rural and urban areas of Pakistan. They have been working together with Pakistan Relief as volunteers in various emergencies such as earthquakes and floods. To respond during or after the incidents/ calamities one should have sufficient skills to cope with, effectively”. He further stressed upon the need of paying due attention to various capacity building programs keeping in view the latest standards. He said” A well-trained person can perform much better without any equipment than a non-trained well-equipped person”.

During the seminar there was a demonstration regarding the role of Radio Communication during Emergencies. Some amateurs got linked with the Hams present in the seminar at Federal Urdu University and exchanged information. The audience liked this segment very much and wished to join the Emergency Radio Communication courses at PRIDEA. Some students discussed of the prospects of doing a project for Pakistan Relief Int. Disaster Education Academy as part of their studies.  Some wanted to design home brew antennas for VHF and HF radios and some were interested in developing Weather Stations. They were encouraged by PRIDEA members for taking such initiative to promote the cause of DPPR in Pakistan.