July 24, 2020

Safety for Media & Crew

Safety for Media & Crew

1)  Media and Resource Mobilization Training for NGOs

Contents of the course:

  • Introduction to mass communication
  • Significance of media coverage of any catastrophe
  • Setting up/improving the media section in the organization
  • Characteristics of the media men
  • Focusing the needs of the organization
  • Knowing the target land, people and local traditions
  • Interacting with the beneficiaries
  • Dealing with women and children
  • How to obtain required information?
  • Why photographs are needed?
  • Camera handling and taking the best shot
  • How to conduct and write a “Case Study”?
  • Disseminating information through brochures and leaflets
  • Interacting with journalists
  • Team Exercises and Evaluation

2)  Professional Media Crew / Journalists and Life Safety

Contents: of the course:

  • Journalism and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Ethics and the mandate for professional journalism
  • Responsibilities of a journalist during emergencies
  • Assessment of the locale and situation
  • Reaching the right spot & getting the right point
  • Performing duties in hazardous environment
  • Protecting yourself and the equipment
  • Essential First Aid and Survival guidelines
  • Group tasks and Evaluation