May 13, 2020

Disaster Management

Disaster Management

Disasters – whether caused by climate change, sudden natural events, terrorism or war– often leave the impression that they are unmanageable. This perception, no matter how compelling, is untrue. Risks can be reduced, consequences of disaster can be managed effectively, and recovery can be carried out in a sustainable way. What needed is knowledge on how to work interdisciplinary, in a multicultural context, with disaster risk reduction, response, and recovery, and how to unite these three processes of disaster management into one holistic approach.

This program is designed for the staff of NGOs, members of Pakistan Relief, and Government officials with advisory and management responsibility for emergency relief operations, rights and peace-building programs. It is particularly relevant for those engaged in the planning and implementation of aid and rehabilitation programs and those concerned with developing policies for appropriate responses in complex emergencies.

     Course Contents:

  • Pre Disaster Contingency Planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation
  • Capacity Building at Grass Root level
  • Post Disaster Loss and Need Assessment
  • Information Management
  • Human Resource Management