We are dedicated to building the resilience of communities to emergencies and disasters for alleviation of human sufferings.

To turn our commitment into reality, we are putting some humble efforts through a blend of advanced training curriculum and innovative capacity building programs in the realm of comprehensive DMC- Disaster Management Cycle, encompassing its complete and integrated spectrum i.e. disaster preparedness, prediction, prevention, response, impact assessment, relief and recovery. The PRIDEA as an apex academic institution and a futuristic humanitarian initiative; shall continue to offer public awareness, education, training, research and assistance in the integrated domains of Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). We envisage to impart knowledge through a well-designed Emergency First Aid Training (EFAT) program for knitting a sustainable grid of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and a state of the art training facility for raising K-9 Search & Rescue dogs to help save precious lives and alleviate the sufferings of those in need, on the scene of any complex emergency or a disaster.

We shall also offer our selfless services in the form of existing knowledge, previous experience and conceptualizing vision to Government of Pakistan, NDMA, PDMAs and other state recognized stakeholders to meet contemporary demands and emerging local challenges in the light of national obligation, our core goal and humanitarian principles.

Knowing the real needs closely and lingering perils deeply as well as having extensive humanitarian experience across the world and intensive academic qualifications from apex academies and Ivy League universities, we intend to introduce some of the world’s latest academic findings, innovative teaching techniques and best humanitarian practices in Pakistan so that our nation could also proudly meet certain global standards to cope with any drastic hardships or sudden calamities, accordingly.

Being the goodwill ambassadors of Pakistan, a team of highly experienced humanitarians and S&R- Search and Rescue experts shall participate in global humanitarian response programs, in case of any major natural disaster.

We envisage that PRIDEA, with the passage of time, will proved to be both PRIDE for our nation and a brilliant IDEA for a self-reliant and resilient Pakistan