May 13, 2016July 25, 2020
Skill Development Centers


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67% $23000 to go

Due to continuous closure of offices, markets and other business activities a large number of people has become jobless. Now, many more women are contacting us to learn stitching for sewing Masks, Scrub Caps and Coveralls. We intend to set up new Skill Centers for Women to engage them in a productive activity. They may learn a useful skill to stitch Dresses, School Uniforms and Shopping Bags too, that always remain in high demand. Setting up one Skill Center requires 2300 to 2400 Euros. 10 good quality hand cranked sewing machines are placed in each center and 20 women attend a class.

Together with Pagosa Springs; Sister community in the US, we have established 19 Skill Centers during a 5 years project 2007 – 2012. Thousands of women and girls got benefited. The local Rotary club of Pagosa also helped us purchasing a Mobile Medical Unit in the form of a 4×4 Toyota hilux, with a matching grant.